About Us

Wheat waving in the breeze.

Match.com Really Does Work

We are two romantics who met on Match.com.  Bill was a truck driver who was alone and tired of being alone.  Cindy was a disabled much younger mom of an autistic son who was also tired of being alone.  On the weekend that Bill had decided to quit on Match, Cindy signed up for a weekend trial.  And then God did the rest.

Five years, a courtship and a marriage later, we’ve decided to follow God’s calling and start a ranch where everyone can have fun.  You see, we know how challenging it is for developmentally disabled people to find recreation sites.  There may be strange sights, smells, and sensory input that is off-putting.  That can result in a melt-down and in a public place, well we know how it is to have to walk away from all of those judgmental eyes.  No judgment here on The FARM.

Cindy’s physical disabilities have made us aware of the challenges of getting around and working in a rural area.  So we strive to provide an environment where physically and developmentally challenged people can not only visit a farm, but feel welcome.  Your visit can be a simple entertaining visit or a challenging learning experience.

Where We Grew Up

A little bit more about us – my name is Cindy Peterson and my husband is William “Bill” Schulze.  I grew up in Arizona and southern Missouri riding horses & rodeoing.  If you were in Southern Missouri in the 1970s and involved in horses, we probably met.  I sold my horse in order to attend college.  After I graduated from Missouri State University (then known as Southwest Missouri State University), I moved to Arizona to attend law school.

After law school graduation, I ended up in the Maricopa County Attorney’s office and became a Deputy County Attorney.  Yep, I have met Sheriff Joe Arpaio.   Unfortunately, I became physically disabled after the birth of my son and have been unable to work outside the home since 1995.

Bill also grew up riding horses & rodeoed a bit himself after high school.  He grew up on a larger farm a little farther north in Mexico Missouri. But his grandmother and other relatives are from the Mountain Home area.  He’s had a variety of careers in his life – ranging from law enforcement (11 years of security for power plants and the Alaskan Pipeline) to truck driving to preaching.

What Makes us Different?

Other than what I’ve shared above?  Our son.  Yes, I say our son even though Bill is “technically” the step father.  Our son is high functioning autistic. He’s an adult now in his twenties.  But I’m aware from raising a person with high functioning autism just how challenging it is to find recreational activities.  I am also acutely aware of how few resources exist for adults with autism, especially in the area of job training.

Most parks/amusement areas exist for kids (& adults) who are “neuro-typical”.  Even amusement parks that have so-called handicapped facilities, make it difficult for both physically or mentally challenged to enjoy all of their offerings.

Here at The FARM, we welcome ALL visitors.  We will take the time for everyone to have a chance to feed the babies or spin some yarn.  Or NOT — there is no pressure here to perform.

If you just want to sit outside under the tree petting the kitties, that’s ok too.

We want you to have fun.

Our Ultimate Goal

Our immediate goal is to teach our son the ins and outs of farming.  Our son loves animals and he also loves hanging out with kids.  We hope that with our guidance, our son will grow into being able to manage The FARM himself.   If our theory is successful, we would like to enlarge the purpose of The FARM to also include vocational training for the developmentally disabled as well as therapeutic horseback riding.

And our big overriding ultimate goal is that this becomes a continuing nonprofit organization that survives our lifetime and that our son would, with others’ assistance, be able to manage The FARM.

What does F.A.R.M. Stand For?

Bill is part of SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) or cowboy shooting.  His ‘alias’ is “Four Aces”.  Our business is legally “Four Aces Ranch & Mercantile” – F.A.R.M .

Bill is also a part of a Sons of Confederate Veterans group (his current membership is with the John Rayburn Camp) and he often appears in Alabama Civil War encampments.  We hope to continue this association in Arkansas.  We’d like to offer historical displays as well on The FARM.

I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a little about us.  If you would like to be updated as to our F.A.R.M. opening date and our location, please CONTACT US !

Cindy Peterson

William Schulze