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For my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all nations: a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of your people Israel. - Luke 2:31-32 NIV


What Would You Like to Do?


How About Horseback Riding?
Pet an Alpaca?
The side of a horse can look big or small according to your view.
Milk a Goat?


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What is The FARM?

Once we are up and running, The FARM will be a place where everyone can come and visit. A true working farm that allows visitors a chance to feed the babies or spin some yarn.  Or NOT — there is no pressure here to perform.  We have an adult son who is high functioning autistic so we have a somewhat laid back attitude here. This is a place for a little down time, where there are no schedules other than making sure the cow gets milked on time.

Eventually, we plan to offer demonstrations of old time skills like spinning and weaving.  As well as Civil War demonstrations.  Further on down the road we are hoping to provide life skills classes for children and adults, as well Equine (horse) Therapy services.

Who is In Charge?

God. This is a ministry. We are two romantics who have decided to follow God’s calling and start a ranch where everyone can have fun.

My name is Cindy Peterson and my husband is William “Bill” Schulze. I grew up in Arizona and southern Missouri riding horses & rodeoing.

Bill also grew up riding horses & rodeoed a bit himself after high school.  He hatched in St. Louis, but ended up on a larger farm a little farther north in Mexico, Missouri.

Bill and Cindy’s Wedding

What Will we be Blogging About?

Our son is now an adult. In our research, we are finding few resources out there about autistic adults. What do you do when the transition plan that you decided on in secondary school, doesn’t work out?

So our blog will be about autistic adult issues. We will also blog about upcoming special education changes for the autistic child. And we will list resources for autistic children as we find them.

We will also be blogging about our plan to teach our son farming skills. We hope that these skills will help him to become self-sufficient. We also hope he uses them to develop his own business. Many autistic people end up starting their own business rather than try to adapt to working at someone else’s.

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