Conference helps young adults with autism find employment

“Utah is a wonderful community. We have a great safety net. We have a lot of families,” Mackay said. “You can’t throw a rock without hitting a family that has a young adult with autism.”
Autism Conference Utah autistic adults face an 80 percent unemployment rate.

Mackay said those with disabilities are at a 65 percent unemployment rate whereas autistic adults face an 80 percent unemployment rate.

“That is literally thousands of people in our community,” Mackay said. “They really do have an opportunity to move forward in life, contribute to the community and not be socially isolated and really living in poverty over their lifetimes.”

Curated from Fox 13 Salt Lake City, authored by ELIZABETH SUGGS,

 The FARM responds:

This article points out the REASON why we are taking the situation in our own hands. Why we will be training our son to work on a farm.  A farm does not have the high stress factor that comes with having to interact with the public. You usually don’t move fast or have to think fast.  Farming also involves a lot of routine which Autistic people usually thrive on.  And even if he doesn’t find farming is his career choice, he will learn a lot of skills. These skills will help him to become self-sufficient.  Examples — growing a garden, building a shed, digging up trenches for water lines.

Cindy from The FARM

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