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Our First Animal Quiz

Quiz just for you on what type of animal should YOU raise on your homestead. Click thru for the animal quiz at http://thefarmministry.org/animal-quiz
What kind of animal should YOU raise?

Here is a completely scientific (NOT!) “animal quiz” that may help you decide which animals you would like to have on your beginning homestead.

I hope you have as much fun taking this quiz as I did in creating it. Please read all questions and pick the answer that closely matches you.

Good Luck !

Quiz #1


What Do You Think About Your Results?


Did you match up with the animal(s) that you were expecting?  What do you think of our “scientific” animal quiz?  Please let us know in the comments below! Or maybe suggest a quiz that we should take

Thanks for taking our quiz.  If you would like to be updated when we post more quizzes, please let us know.



What Animals Should You Raise on Your Homestead?
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What Animals Should You Raise on Your Homestead?
Ever wonder just what animal you should raise on your new homestead? Find out by taking our animal quiz! Brought to you by The FARM,
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The F.A.R.M.
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